Wedding Photography

Brought to Life!

Your wedding day images need to be exactly what you want. This is your day and you are, “the boss” Get what you really want.  Think about what is most important to you on your wedding day and share that with us. We want, what you want!

  • Custom wedding coverage
  • The perfect blend of posed and candid images
  • Over 20 years of experience in the field
  • Your priorities become our priorities

Your Memories Preserved for Generations

Our story telling experts ensure every precious moment of your day is captured artistically for you to relive and share with future generations! You will not regret your personalized, professional wedding day coverage that you helped create!

  • Images created to best tell your story
  • Relive each precious detail you created
  • Get the perfect coverage that you help to craft
  • Emotional, impactful images you will love!

Wedding Specialists

Your wedding is so precious to you and your fiance. Trust your wedding to the studio that ABC, WGN & FOX trusted. Enjoy every amazing detail of your day and do not worry about your images. They will be indeed amazing. Guarantied!!

  • Worry Free, Stress free coverage
  • Proven Trusted Experts
  • Every detail is taken care of for you
  • Being that happy will be worth every penny!

It’s your wedding day!  All your bridesmaids have arrived at your house Chicago Wedding Photographers know Chicago Wedding Pictures. You should too!and your mother is helping you slip into your wedding dress. The dress you searched tirelessly for all over the city! You’ve had so many fittings to make sure it was going to be the prefect fit to help you look fabulous! Then you put on your tiara and veil making sure not to mess up your beautiful hair. Next, your perfect shoes. All the while all you’re thinking about is him! This day that is finally here and you continue imagining your married life together!

How will you best re-live how magnificent everyone looked, the little details you meticulously worried over. This day you have poured so much attention, time and money should be properly photographed with meticulous detail in all the splendor that you will need years and generations to yet to come. I promise you’re not going to miss a thing!

Pick up the phone and call, 847.587.1234 There is never a cost or obligation. No one will try to sell you anything! Let’s just “chat” about your life and family at this time in your life, and see if there is something we can create for you that will bring tears of joy to your eyes when you see it. If you become a client of our, that’s wonderful! If you do not, that is okay too. We are not always right for everyone.

Snapshots can take a picture but our photographers craft an image! Your attention to detail deserves the best photographer. One that actually cares about your day, your details and your priorities! Years from now, you will be so thrilled that you made the right decision! Your Welsh Studios Photography will be the best!

Lake County, IL wedding photographer for Grayslake, Gurnee, Waukegan, Schaumburg, Libertyville, Fox Lake and Ingleside, ILYou know that more people will see you in these photographs than any other you have taken or may capture. There are no do-overs in wedding coverage! You need a wedding expert that will thrill you with their results! Results you can’t wait to share with your friends, you can’t wait to start planning your bridal album, can’t wait to select that one extra special image for your sofa portrait, over the fire place portrait, the emotional gift for your mother.

You will want an expert that anticipates each special moment to capture it without drawing attention to them self and away from you! What happens when, why and how are second nature and not guessed. You do not want to worry on your wedding day if your photographer is getting what you want. Relax! Enjoy your day!

You need breathtaking portraits that make you cry tears of joyShowing all the emotion and love you have for this man of your dreams you have finally found along with all that you have done to make your dreams come true!

Is that too much for you to ask? No, it is not! As a matter of fact you should demand it! Then you ask yourself… “Who can I trust to create beautiful photographs of the day I’ve been planning to perfection for so long? Who can photograph my wedding exactly how I want it? To allow my true emotions to come rushing back to me every time I look upon them, years and generations that are sure to come.

Please don’t miss out on this opportunity to expertly capture your loving emotions and relationships during this most special time of your life! Allow us the honor of adding you to our list of thrilled brides. Please call me at 847-587-1234 There is never any cost, obligation or sales pressure.

Your Photographs Brought to Life!

Motion video created from your still photos. Imagine having YOUR priceless photographs carefully and skillfully separated into unique layers and brought to life! Still photographs that not JUST zoom in, slide, tilt or pan but actually seem to come to life in FULL motion. Everything is 100% unique and customized for you and your photographs.

Check out this amazing example of the magic that is possible for you. These wedding day portraits are incredible to watch to see what we mean! You will be impressed and your friends will be in awe wondering how you did that and wish that they did it first :)  This sample illusion may be created on any type of still photograph.

No limit on the amount of images taken
  • Full comprehensive coverage from all your hand picked, picturesque locations.
  • We preserve as many priceless images as you’ll need. No limits.
  • One photographer, two or three. You get all the images of your dreams taken for no extra charge!
  • You will never be penalized for having too good of a wedding!
Online preview album
  • A FREE preview gallery showing off your dynamic, fun and engaging images from your glorious day. Gallery on facebook. We must connect as “friends” first.
  • Usually live and online within two weeks of your wedding! Enjoy all your wedding day images while still on your honeymoon!!
  • So simple to share and show off to anyone in the world instantly!
Printable files always included.
  • You will cherish the security and flexibility of owning all of your printable jpeg files on a disc from your wedding.
  • You are assured of professionally crafted images and the utmost in printing compatibility and flexibility!
  • Your printable images disc is delivered at the time of your formal Bridal Album unveiling.
  • When no formal bridal album is selected your images disc is usually delivered in 6 mos. see graph below.
Online Proofs
  • Every one of your treasured images are available for online viewing shortly after your wedding. Within two weeks.
  • View every image as a thumbnail quickly or full screen!
  • View all images as a slideshow, if you wish. Easy to do!
  • Your friends, family and fans may view and order directly from the convenience of their living rooms, laptops or ipods and have their own treasures delivered to their door in just a few days.
  • No limit on how long your images are displayed. Many studios pressure you to order within 30 or 60 day limits.
Locations and Back drop
  • No charge per location. Flat, no hassle fee for complete coverage!
  • No charge for adding a professional photographer’s back drop at your reception. When requested, we can set up a back drop, mini-portrait studio for your guests to take advantage of.
Printed Proof Albums
  • Included at no extra charge. (Not included with our Economy coverage)
  • You will receive a generous, 10×13 album displaying ALL of your irreplaceable wedding day images.
  • Presented as either 9, 12 or 16 images per page.
  • Printed exclusively with Professional photographic paper. (NOT inkjet)
  • Bound together with a clear cover for the ultimate in protection, showcasing and functionality.
Low cost reprints
  • Online prints are available at amazingly affordable rates. We take concern for your guest’s budget as well!
  • Images are usually available within two weeks from your wedding.
  • Delivered right to your door in just days
  • A generous discount is available to your guests within 30 days of your wedding!
Second photographer
  • Double your coverage with added flexibility, creativity and comfort for you!
  • Your Lead Craftsman concentrates on your “must have” images while your second Photo Journalist  focuses on those timeless candids, second perspective and gorgeous detail shots.
  • Hours mirror lead photographer.
  • A professional, courteous and well dressed  photographer with plenty of Chicagoland experience will naturally and unobtrusively preserve your entire day.
  • A unique, timeless blend of traditional posed formal portraits and natural, candid coverage of the memories and traditions throughout your one in a million, spectacular day.
Economy. No Prints Option
  • 6 hours of all inclusive, professional, photographic coverage for only $895.
  • Extra time is just$100 per hour. 6 hour minimum.
  • You always receive all of your original printable files on disc, your free online preview album and all your proofs online!
only $895
That’s it!
  • NO extras or expenses!
  • NO Surprises!
  • NO Location Fees!
  • NO parking Fees!
  • NO Tolls!
  • NO travel fees within Chicagoland
  • NO tables fees!
  • NO backdrop fees!
  • NO extra added for additional taxes.
Estimated Investments
  • Most of the weddings we preserve are in the $2000-$4000 range. Obviously some are less and many have been more. You never get too much or not enough. ALL of our weddings are customized just for your perfect covergae!
Custom coverage just for you
Special “Thank You Gift”
  • If you do decide that we are the right photographer for you at our initial meeting, we have a special Thank You Gift to show our appreciation. You decide what you’d most prefer. Values between $200 and $600
  • Be sure to bring along you most important decision makers so you are able to take advantage of this amazing opportunity to even further customize your coverage and lower your investment!
$200 to $600 gift for you
MORE SAVINGS!!Save 20% off any Video Package when you also reserve our photography services!MORE savings!

If you are also considering our unobtrusive, natural and candid videography services.

 Please VIEW our VIDEO examples, HERE  From just $795!


Economy    $100 per hour  Personalized coverage, emotional images and unbelievably affordable investments!

  • 6 hours of wedding day coverage is just $895! Extra time is $100 per hour.
  • All your original printable jpg files on disc that you will own. No limit. See graph below
  • All your original images displayed online for viewing and online ordering being available, no obligation, no minimum.
  • Save 20% off ANY video package, when you also reserve our photography services.
  • The best way to customize your perfect wedding, just pay for the coverage and proofs that you want!

Original printable files are delivered on DVD with your formal bridal album. Images are always, x1200 resolution, perfect for most of your printing and online needs! Wedding coverage without a formal bridal album will receive their original printable files, 6 months after their wedding. Immediate delivery is available for $200. Images will then be available within 30 days of your wedding. Hi-Resolution and RAW or NEF files may also be available. See graph below.

Owner and founder, John Welsh is featured as the National Photography Expert for WGN News

w/ bridal albumwithin 30 days6 months 12 months
x1200 .jpegsfree$200freefree
Hi-Resolution .jpegs$200$400$200$100
NEF or RAW files$400$600$400$200

Save 20% off of any video package when you reserve both our photography and videography services.

Visit our studio in person to meet with us and ask you most difficult question. See many samples and find out if we are the right studio for you! You may also call 847.587.1234 and speak with us over the phone. You may reserve your date with a credit card and we will email you an agreement. It does not get much easier than that!  

Many many wedding samples photographs of recent weddings of our thrilled couples

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